ESL Game 3 Heart Gun Bomb With Cards


Heart, Gun, Bomb is one of the most up to date and funnest ESL Games on the planet. This game is explicitly for ESL educators that need to help their understudies learn quicker and have some good times simultaneously.


Heart, Gun, Bomb can be played exclusively on the slate yet I will make sense of for you how to play a variety of this game utilizing cards.


The principles to 12 ga shot  Heart, Gun, Bomb are as per the following:


Partition the class into two groups.


Compose every one of the understudies names under their group name and give every understudy three hit focuses.


Group 1

Barry OOO

Sally OOO

Mitch OOO

Susan OOO

Charge OOO


Group 2

Susan C. OOO

Jerry OOO

Sean OOO


Jill OOO


Then, draw a framework on the board with the number 1 – 10 on to the top; and compose the letters A – J on the extremely extreme left side. Presently the understudies will actually want to pick which box they need to pick.


Then request that each understudy stand up; after they answer an English inquiry they can plunk down. After each understudy has addressed an English inquiry.


One player from group 1 will pick a container then it generally changes to the next group; with the goal that the game is fair.


In Gun, Heart, Bomb


— a Gun can fire one hit point off the rival groups player.

— a Heart can give an additional one hit highlight somebody in that players group.

— a Bomb will explode and annihilate one hit point off from who at any point picked it.


The game is over when one group has not any more hit focuses; consequently the other group would win.


To play this game with cards the ESL educator would initially compose on the whiteboard:


A = 4 weapons

K = 3 weapons

Q = 3 hearts

J = 1 firearm and 1 heart

10 = 3 bombs

9 = 2 bombs

8 = 1 bomb

7 = pick another card

6 = pick two cards

5 = 2 firearms

4 = 1 firearm

3 = 2 hearts

2 = Miss your Turn


Whenever it is an understudy go to pick a case on the lattice; he/she will pick the container and afterward pick a card from the highest point of the deck. Whatever number he/she gets – – the educator will compose the firearm/heart/bomb in the crate.


Play until there is a champ. Also, obviously this is just a rule. Go ahead and be innovative and add new things, curves or go ahead and change what each card implies.

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