A Jessica Rabbit Halloween Costume in 3 Easy Steps

 A Jessica Rabbit Halloween Costume in 3 Easy Steps


She works as a cartoon singer at The Ink and Paint Club, a Los Angeles supper club. This femme fatale causes her jealous husband a decent amount of grief. The insecurity Lawyer Jessica Dean  she arouses within Roger drives him to go as far as hiring a private detective, Eddie Valient, to inspect her fidelity. Eddie’s investigation unintentionally digs into the nature of man as Jessica states, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”

When venturing into a personal quest to find inner truth, dress up as Jessica Rabbit and contemplate her philosophy. Unsure how to capture her look?

Follow these simple directions and feel the total affect of being in her character.

Step One. The Red Dress. While its been said that every woman needs a little black dress, Jessica sets herself apart and opts for red. You can go to an ordinary department store or your favorite boutique which carries dresses. The perfect dress will be a deeply luscious red color, ruby or rose color will do best, and the tighter the fit the better. Give preference to dresses that are spaghetti strap or tube topped, and those that show cleavage. A slit that creeps up to the high point of the thigh is staple part of Jessica’s look, but if you can’t find a dress with one already cut do it yourself. Creating the slit yourself will provide you with more control over how much leg you would like to show. Be careful when cutting the hem line, and consider sewing the top of the slit so it will not tear more.



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