A Romantic Summer Wedding

 A Romantic Summer Wedding


Summer is here and romance is in the air; perfect time for a destination beach wedding on beautiful Koh Samui. Escape to tropical paradise while leaving the stress of your everyday lives behind you.

Can you imagine yourself on your wedding day; walking down the sandy aisle, covered with fresh flower petals; the gentle afternoon breeze escorting you into your future; the melody of gentle waves caressing the shoreline nearby? Whether you are surrounded by family and friends or are accompanied only by nature; you are certain to have a Romantic Message NFT  wedding day you will never forget.

As if it were a dream, you’ll find yourself standing hand-in-hand, across from the one you desire the most, saying your nuptials as the fragrance of tropical flowers fills your senses and love binds your souls. Indulge in your “First Kiss” as Husband and Wife as rose petal confetti showers all around you. Sign your wedding certificate to make it official and then, together, pop the cork on a chilled bottle of Champagne to celebrate while enjoying mouth-watering canapes. Feel the warmth of the vivid amber sunset while you are posing for photos on the beach; capturing your memories so you can share this incredible day with all your family and friends – again and again.

As the glow of the sun fades over the horizon, release wedding wishes into the nighttime sky with a ‘love lantern’, also known as a fire balloon. Stand together, hands clasped as you watch it slowly ascend into the heavens, eventually fading from view.

Dine under the stars in true romantic fashion; candles illuminating your table as thin shadows dance across your smiles, the flicker of love’s light visible in your eyes. Enjoy the finest Thai cuisine and the freshest seafood available as soft live music serenades you throughout your dining pleasure. Delight in your dessert of succulent fresh fruit and luscious, moist cake decorated with stunning fresh flowers.

Continue into the evening with an energetic fire dancing performance or perhaps a traditional Thai cultural dance show; both will entertain, absolutely. BOOM! Suddenly, the bright flash of fireworks lights up the sky and their thunderous echoes resonate in your body, you squeeze each others hands in excitement. The thrill of the moment races your hearts and you know, without a doubt, this is an occasion you will never forget.

As you are introduced for your first dance, you feel the butterflies in your stomach, but as you look into the eyes of your True Love, the nervousness goes away. You step onto the dance floor, holding each other close, rhythmically moving to the beat of your hearts and the symphony of your special song. Cameras flash and whispers of, “Don’t they look beautiful together?” can be heard over the murmur of guests. You smile knowing this is your day.


The Chapel of the Metaverse (COTM) is an international community believing in romance, love, faith, future & the power of the metaverse to build a diverse world with no conventional boundaries. The blockchain is our technological friend to achieve our mission. We offer Wedding & NFT services all along the timeline of love.

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