Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting Technique in Industrial Equipment Management

 Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting Technique in Industrial Equipment Management


Industries across the world using Industrial equipments and applications must be aware that in order to achieve high profit they need have great sales and for that the manufacturing wa blast is very important. Imagine a scenario of a automotive company where the machines are maintained using the traditional method of cleaning. The cost of manufacturing the product or a part of it is increasing and the product quality is degrading by the day. Management is concerned about it and asks the Production manager for an explanation. The product manager explains that it is due to the cost of maintenance of the machines. Management asks for a replacement of the machines as they are used from past 10 years. This is a common scenario in most of the manufacturing firm but ideally the machines are not obsolete but the way in which they are maintained is wrong. Ideally the management should have suggested better cleaning methods as the conditions of the machines and business applications is because of the costly cleaning practices that were not only time consuming but labor intensive also. With the advent of technology we now have a revolutionary Dry Ice Blasting method of fast and effective cleaning of our industrial applications and machines. This method uses CO2 pellets for cleaning. It is a process in which dry ice particles are propelled to supersonic speed, to impact and clean a surface. The particles are accelerated by compressed air, just as with other blasting systems. The micro-thermal shock (caused by the dry ice temperature of -79º C), the kinetic energy of dry ice pellets and the air pressure break the bond between the coating and the substrate. It pops off the coating from inside out and the air stream removes it from the surface. This was the working of Dry Ice Blasting but well how does it matter to the production/manufacturing department. The real piece of information is how beneficial is it and how cost effective it is because that is what the management analyzes. But over here we will go a bit further by analyzing the benefits of dry ice blasting with the drawbacks of traditional methods of cleaning such as sand blasting, solvents and others. This will make the readers clear as to why dry ice blasting should be used and not the old traditional ways of cleaning.

Benefits of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning:

  1. Dry ice blasting also meets EPA, USDA, and FDA guidelines.
  2. Less clean up of the waste material

Frequently the “clean-up” from your current cleaning method is worse than the problem itself. Dry ice blasting solves that problem by removing the secondary waste. It simply disappears once the job is done, as it is a gas thus eliminating the cost of disposal of the waste.

  1. Extended life of the equipment

The dry ice pallets used in this method does not leave any kind of residue and performs the work better then the traditional methods of sand blasting and solvents thus extending the life of the equipment.

  1. Clean in place



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