Call of Duty 5 – World at War Multiplayer Strategy Part 2 – Weapons

 Call of Duty 5 – World at War Multiplayer Strategy Part 2 – Weapons


I am going to break the weapons into two general categories: short-medium range and medium-long range.  Most of the maps in Call of Duty 5 tend to fall into one of the two categories as 410 bore ammo for sale  well (regarding combat ranges).  For example, Asylum is a short-medium range map while Seelow is almost exclusively medium-long range.

Short-Medium Range

Generally, fully automatic prevails over semi-automatic weapons.  In small, close quarters maps, there will be a lot of movement and running around.  Submachine guns have exceptional mobility, a great rate of fire (ROF), great damage, decent penetration, and decent range.  Shotguns could be used, but only in very small, confined maps such as Dome or Asylum, but let’s face it, outside of 10 feet in front of you, you’re screwed.  However, an SMG would still yield greater benefits in the same scenarios with their greater range, higher ROF, ammo, etc.

Thompson – Great damage and above average penetration.  Get used to the iron sights and use the drum magazine for more magazine capacity (less reloading).

MP40 – Higher minimum damage than all other SMGs (29 min damage).  Lower penetration than the Thompson, but on par with the rest of the SMGs.  Moderate recoil, follow up shots can be difficult, iron sights can be difficult at longer ranges.  My suggestion is to use the iron sights with the drum magazine.

Type 100 – Higher magazine capacity than the Thompson (30 rounds), but less penetration.  I personally don’t use the Type 100, but it is a viable option.  The same suggestions for the Thompson goes for the Type 100 as well.

PPSh – Low damage, but a stupidly high rate of fire.  Definitely use a drum magazine since you will need more hits to kill a person.  The extra ammo will also come in handy when engaging multiple targets or clearing out rooms.  I prefer this weapon in small maps because I like the high rate of fire (ROF).  This can cause a favorable pshycological response from your opponent.  Imagine you’re running around, then hear a PPSh go off.  Suddenly your screen is read and each time you get hit your screen twitches.  It’s very hectic and difficult to engage somebody who has you engaged like that.  Steady aim shines with this gun and it will help you clear rooms quicker, run and gun, jump shoot, etc.

Medium-Long Range

I strongly urge you to get comfortable with a rifle of your choice, whether it be bolt action or not.  You will need to long range capabilities and damage of a rifle when playing in larger maps.  I’m not going to mention the bolt-action rifles because their characteristics (damage, range, ROF, etc) are similar between them all and it should be up to the player to decide which weapon he likes the best.



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