Choosing Bra Sizing

 Choosing Bra Sizing


The designing and manufacturing of underwear has already become a billion dollar industry. With so many choices, brands, styles, fabrics and sizes, women still sometime bra size calculator

s find it difficult to choose the one that fits them best. How exactly can I find a bra that is just right for me? Here are some tips to help you choose the right bra sizing:

  1. Remove all clothing before you start measuring. It is always best to find a sturdy material tape. You can start with taking your first measurement by aligning the tape just below your bust. This is the area just below your ribcage, or also known as your band size. Make sure that you look at the nearest inch. Round it off to the nearest whole number for you get the exact measurement. Sometimes we can also look at centimeters. In this case you should be able to call out the one closest to the nearest 5cm.
  2. Now it’s time to measure the fullest part of your bust using the same method above. Don’t pull too tight or hold it too loosely when taking measurements; you want to be able to get an accurate reading without making your bra size seem tight or ill fitting. If you can have a friend or someone to hold the measuring tape, that would be better.
  3. How to interpret measurements: If it was an odd number, you need to add 5 inches to what you originally measured. For example, your measurement was 35, your band size should be 30. If the number you got was even, you add 4 inches. If it were 30, your band size should be 34 inches.

We have seen it in different shows on TV and in various magazines: regardless of age or financial status, women still keep buying bras that are wrong for them. If you wear the wrong band size, say it would be too large, there is a huge probability that the cup size would not be right either. The last thing we want from our bras would be over spilling or not even holding up well. Thankfully a lot of store associates in underwear and lingerie retail stores have already learned how to measure accordingly. They even have what they call ‘sizing calculators’ which can automatically compute for the band size that’s right for their customers.



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