Computer Troubleshooting – Bring Your Laptop That Will Not Boot Back to Life Quickly

 Computer Troubleshooting – Bring Your Laptop That Will Not Boot Back to Life Quickly


If your laptop is not booting, you landed in the right place. Read this quick guide and you may be able to get your precious laptop back in minutes or hours, for free.

It is a bummer  Narbonne when your personal laptop that you use for work, school, or internet, will not boot. It does happen quite a bit. You do not like the idea of bringing the computer to a repair shop, and a new laptops still are not all that cheap. So you are thinking, DIY (do it yourself) repair!

Here is what you need to do to speed up finding a solution. There are just eight steps:

First, you have to calm down. Do not start trying anything and everything you can think of. Instead, sit back, relax your shoulders and take a deep, long breath. There.

Second, think of anything and everything that happened with your computer before you last shut it down. Anything memorable? Jot it down. New software, new hardware? Jot it down.

Third, can you think of any changes in the environs? Is humidity up? Is the temperature up?

Fourth, shut down your laptop, turn it back up and write up the complete sequence of events. The lights you see, the sounds you hear. The smells you smell. The temperature you feel as you touch the laptop. Take notes. Take down the sequence of events.

Fifth, get on Google and search for a phrase that well describes your laptop and the boot problems. “Laptop not booting, and beeps three times” could be a good search phrase if this is what is happening.



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