Democamp9 Review

 Democamp9 Review


DemoCamp was back on in Toronto last night. It was again at No Regrets which is a great location to have a beer and watch the demos. As always it was pretty full and standing  transcode room only for a lot of the demos. I think ConceptShare won the award for traveling the furthest, apparently it hasn’t started snowing in Sudbury yet either. The line-up last night was as follows:

  1. Dictabrain

Dictabrain provide dictation services through your cell phone and wins the award for the most ackward product name. It uses a Astericks implementation with a web front end that can transcode the voice conservation into text. The process looked pretty easy and the demo involved transcoding a voice recording for a blog. The actual transcoding is done by a human so its fairly work intensive and will probably never be free. It might have some good applications for lawyers and environments where dictation is more common. I would think that most bloggers will be fairly comfortable typing up their posts themselves.


InfoQ is a community portal for developers to that focuses on a variety of popular languages/frameworks. Its a very custom environment and uses a number of interest interface innovations. For example developers can easily turn off all threads related to languages that don’t use, like Java. The site also features a nice presentation system which syncronizes the video with the presentation slides so its easy to follow along. The interface also uses a number of Ajax forms to make it easy to use but the design didn’t seem all that polished. For its target audience it seemed like a very advanced community application, it will be interesting to see how it can evolve relative to other open-source tools.




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