Fertile Days to Conceive – 3 Tools to Help Identify Your Fertile Days to Get Pregnant  

 Fertile Days to Conceive – 3 Tools to Help Identify Your Fertile Days to Get Pregnant


Are you looking for ways to discover your fertile days to conceive without the traditional fertility tracking? Here are three tools to help know your fertile days to conceive.

  1. Ovulation Cycle Beads

CycleBeads is a fertility rituals natural way to help plan pregnancy. It is a color coded string of beads that can help identify the fertile days to conceive. To use CycleBeads you simply move a ring over color-coded beads that represent the various days of your cycle. The color of the beads lets you know if you are on a day when you are likely to be fertile or not. It is recommended that you have cycles between 26 and 32 days long to use this method.

  1. The OV-Watch

The OV-Watch detects the salt levels on your skin to let you know when your fertile days to conceive are. You start wearing OV-Watch® while you sleep on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd day of your menstrual cycle and wear it through ovulation. Every 30 minutes it uses a bio-sensor to measure changes in the chloride ion (salt) levels that are secreted in perspiration. The watch will actually read “fertile day 1”, “fertile day 2”, “fertile day 3, “fertile day 4”, and “ovulation”. The OV-Watch is said to be better than the home ovulation test kits because the chloride (salt) serge comes before the serge in estrogen and LH, which is what is measured in home ovulation test kits. Basically, you know four days before that you are about to ovulate and that gives you an increased chance of conceiving.



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