Flick Shaking – The Hottest New Bass Technique

Flick Shaking – The Hottest New Bass Technique



The FlickShake idea might have started in Korea, however it was the Japanese who took the idea and refined the method into the fish getting work of art it is today. With regards to who the angler was that imagined the strategy, my cap is headed toward you, on the grounds that whenever you’ve dominated this method, you will actually want to get more Bass than some other procedure in your fishing munititions stockpile.


In the first place, note that FlickShaking is a “Artfulness Technique” and it will be your show abilities, that I will clarify exhaustively, that will make this procedure so fruitful for you. Since the 震蛋價錢 Japanese bass anglers have effectively done all the innovative work in refining the method, you should simply to carry out it.


The Japanese observed that this method works best when you utilize either a Ultra-Light or Light weight, carbon fiber turning bar, that is anyplace between 5′ to 6.5″ feet long. They favor the more limited bar lengths since they feel, and I concur with their thinking, that you can feel the trap, the base, and the fish more straightforward with a more limited bar length. An adaptable, ‘whippy’, bar tip is best for this strategy, which is the reason the Ultra-Light or Light turning bars turn out best for this procedure. Then, you really want to spool your turning reel with 4-6lb Fluorocarbon line. They’ve observed that lighter line permits the snare show to fall and look more normal in the water. Following quite a while of utilizing this strategy and attempting various brands of line, my own decision is that 4lb Seaguar “InvizX”or 5lb Sunline FC Sniper Fluorocarbon lines are awesome by a long shot for this procedure. Both are solid lines with less memory and are undetectable in the water. At the point when you spool the new lines onto your turning reel, ensure you treat your new line the prior night you go fishing with Kevin Van Dam’s Line and Lure Conditioner. It eliminates the memory from the line and keeps your line delicate and limp. I use it each time I remove my bars and falters from the vehicle and occasionally while I’m fishing. Like they say, “addressing the issue beforehand is better than addressing any aftermath later,” and his item works the best at holding your line back from tangling and curling into itself.


Next are the dances you’ll require. The best dances for this method are made by a Japanese organization called Zappu. These dances are classified “Zappu Inchi Wacky Heads” and can be viewed as online at Tackle Warehouse on the west coast and numerous other internet based merchants the nation over. These dances come in 1/eighth, 3/sixteenth and 3/32nd of an ounce. Contingent upon the water conditions and the profundity you’re fishing, you need to consistently go with the lightest weight dances you can pull off. You’ll require every one of the three sizes, especially in case you’re not fishing on quiet waters. “Jackall” by Lake Police co-created the jigheads for this strategy, however what improves Zappu as I would see it, is Zappu’s utilization of a 60 degree eye point on the Tungsten head. This point gives the worm better activity in the water. Zappu has likewise made a level twist behind the snare that traps the lure better compared to Jackall’s dance head. Try not to misunderstand me here, Jackall makes an extraordinary dance head as well, I simply think the activity is a little better on the Zappu variant. Another organization called “Thin Bear” makes a dance head that additionally turns out extraordinary for this strategy. The dance head I’ve been playing with of late is the Gamakatsu Wacky Head that you can find in the Bass’ mouth in the image in this article. This dances pendulum activity works like the Zappu dance does and I like the red shading they’ve added to it. Somewhat makes the snare seem as though it very well may be draining and in trouble…..but who knows?


Presently lets talk about the lure. I’ve been extremely fruitful utilizing 3 traps; Jackall’s 4.8″ FlickShake Worms in “Watermelon Candy””Cinnamon Solid” and “Sun related burn Melon”, Bass Pro Shop’s “Flick n’ Shimmy” 4.8″ worm. It is a precise of Jackall’s form yet for less cash. I’ve been exceptionally fruitful in utilizing the “Plum”color. Last, is Gary Yamamoto’s 4” Shad Shape Worm in “Regular Shad” shading. These are largely the snares you’ll require.


The strategy. When you rig one of these weird dances onto your line, rig any of the Jackall FlickShake worms the accompanying way. The worm as planned has a fat end and a dainty end. You’ll see that the fat end bends a single way and the tip bends the other way. Turn the worm so the fat end pointing lower. Take the dance attach point and come the base through the center of the worms egg sac at a straight 90 degree point directly through the focal point of the worm. Then, at that point, slide the worm down onto the law breaker of the snare simply past the snare guide and your prepared toward go. Then, you need to project this worm and dance out as a long way from shore as you can project it. The more drawn out the cast, the more region you’ll have the option to track down a bass in as you work the dance back to you. Allow it to sink and fail to help the following 30 seconds with the exception of gradually remove our the abundance slack from the line. In some cases a bass will hit the worm on the fall, yet I’ve just had that happen to me only multiple times in the months I’ve been fishing this procedure. Presently, very much like in drop shoting, reel up the overabundance slack until you have a bow in the line from your pole tip to where the line enters the water. Hold your pole tip at the 10-11 o’clock position and begin shaking or wiggling your bar tip to and fro roughly 4-6 creeps in a consistent here and there mood. That beat in your mind and speed of the shaking ought to be to the rhythm of that Christmas exemplary, “Signal Bells”. Don’t laugh…that’s the speed you ought to shake the pole tip, around 3 shakes each second. Ponder shaking your pole tip 3 shakes each second and you’ll have the right rhythm of the investigation pat. Presently as your shaking the worm, what you’ll not see is the worm moving like insane under the water set up. Shake, Shake, Shake for around 20 seconds and afterward dead stop for 15 seconds and continue to watch your line. On the off chance that you see it moving now, set the snare as you do when your drop shoting. Simply begin pulling the pole back and reel man, reel. The fish will snare it’self and it will typically be right inside the lip. Regardless, if the line isn’t moving when you halted the shaking, begin shaking again in cadence as you turn your reel one half turn. In the event that nothing occurs following 30 to 40 seconds, turn the reel a half turn again as the snare pushes ahead and towards you in the water. You can shut down sometimes to check whether a Bass may have been following the lure, however is standing by to check whether it’s dead before he hits the snare and gets swimming going with it. Work your projects like the substance of a clock. You can begin at the 9 o’clock position and work your direction over to the 3 o’clock position prior to moving to one more segment of the metropolitan lake your fishing.


The Bite: When a Bass hits this worm it typically is a “Bang, Thump” or “Tap, Tap” feel. At the point when this occurs, I quit moving the pole and watch the line. Once in a while a Bass will pop your lure like it’s taking it out or shocking it however will not take your contribution at this time. Once in a while after a “Bang” I’ll pause and stand by and possibly 5 to 10 seconds after the fact he’ll take it and begin swimming with it. That is the point at which you pull back and on the pole and begin staggering and the battle is on. What you’ll typically feel when a bass takes the snare is a spongey pressure feeling coming from your poles tip, practically like the snare may be gotten on something. At the point when that occurs, take a gander at your pole tip and you’ll see it beginning to pull descending. Allow it to pull descending until you begin to feel the heaviness of the fish, since he has it in his mouth and is beginning to swim away with it, then, at that point, pull the pole back and begin reeling rapidly. Fish On, by then and the rest is acquiring that terrible kid. On the off chance that the pole tip doesn’t begin pulling lower, simply pull tenderly in reverse towards you and the dance will liberate itself from what at any point it’s gotten on and you can begin the FlickShaking all once more.

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