Gaia, the Trickster and Paranormal Hotspots

 Gaia, the Trickster and Paranormal Hotspots



As a development to the past article, I concluded that a portion of the material was too definite to even think about remembering for the underlying Psychoterrestrials Theory set. This material should be checked out independently yet not to be considered as discrete from my Psychoterrestrials Theory.


As of now since posting, it has as of now been drawn out into the open the consistency or anomaly figuratively speaking, of Paranormal Events or Experiences so I figured I would simply feel free to post the subsequent article. Once more North Gaia EC, I make the disclaimer that this isn’t to be taken in the language of absolutes or definitiveness as thusly, I make unto myself a deceiver and subsequently successfully delivering my hypothesis disputable.


Some might ask where is the consistency in Paranormal Activity? For what reason isn’t it continually occurring? For what reason wouldn’t i be able to see it or experience it? The appropriate responses, as far as I can give them, are hypothetical and only a perception yet this isn’t to imply that that they are not legitimate.


Where is the consistency in Paranormal Activity?


Look for and ye will find. How about we see this first inquiry but on the other hand we should re-pose to it in a manner that bodes well. Where is Paranormal Activity predictable? The appropriate response is two-overlap I think. I would place that for Paranormal Activity or Psychoterrestrial Phenomena to happen it should do as such as a demonstration of bi-area. It should be seen right off the bat by the Human Subconscious Mind just as be seen exteriorly to that. In the mentality of Singularity these two areas are one yet in a Dualistic attitude which requests an “other than(myself)” kind of thinking, there are two spots or a greater amount of synchronous events.


I’m by and large extremely dodgy and cautious not to suggest too intensely the thoughts of Eastern Mysticism or Spiritual Practice in spite of the fact that I think the two will definitely wed, in case they are not as of now, with the Trickster Element and Eastern Mysticism as well as all Spiritual/Religious perspectives. I would not think that it is at all amazing to understand that this field is the essential jungle gym of the Trickster Phenomenon and the reasonable origin of originals needed to show Psychoterrestrial Events. The Human Subconscious Mind is maybe similar to a reference library for Gaia Consciousness to access as far as open show and this thus drives us to mental filtration and how we see encounters and occasions.


For what reason isn’t it continually occurring?


I could, with a specific measure of ambiguity obviously, contend that the Psychoterrestrial Phenomenon is never NOT happening however again, this contention is applicable to insight and I additionally wish to abstain from being blamed for making one more “One size fits all” hypothesis. All things considered, I think with the end goal for one to encounter a Psychoterrestrial Event, one should initially be effectively looking for it and not really at a cognizant level and one should put oneself first in a space of known events so when occasions or encounters are more inconspicuous, less continuous or are not in a known area of interest, they are perceived. It sounds harmless and questionable yet this is my best endeavor. I will attempt to improve on this a piece. How’s this? A Seeking Mind is a Finding Mind. At the point when one looks for, one as of now has a predisposition or if nothing else a model covered in their subliminal of what one hopes to find. A Still Mind tracks don’t down anything. I think Gaia Consciousness is very much glad to agree by referring to your ideas and accordingly introducing them to you in full show wonder yet.., with the Psychoterrestrial Event comes an amazement. A message. Some type of correspondence. Both of you are contacting. Gaia Consciousness maybe either heard or caught your inquiry or call and in the event that one is to be adequately mindful to take on the hunt, one ought to likewise maybe be sufficiently capable to cause arrangements to grock the experience one is seeing! I think additionally that Gaia Consiousness might be the “Transporter Frequency” empowering some to show clairvoyant abilities. Try not to cite me on that however this is, after every one of the a theoretical place which all speculations must be.


I will not go into an excess of additional on this viewpoint as it once more, begins to sound very socio-strict and those sorts of things, in light of their close nature, are perhaps implied exclusively for the Experiencer to sort out.


So where are the spaces of known events? The Earth is loaded with them! In a real sense hundreds if not a great many topographical destinations in the world are known for their reliable odd movement and maybe some of them if not every one of them are Psychoterrestrial in nature. There is by all accounts some documentation now of Psychoterrestrial Phenomena being intuitive with The Human Subconscious and maybe Conscious Mind. I appear to review Colin Andrews relating on a scene of Paratopia, investigations of specific gatherings of individuals that would draw out on a piece of paper a Crop Circle plan and the gathering would on the whole picture this plan happening in the fields of Southern England. A couple of occurrences have demonstrated this to be a repeatable occasion. In like manner, Investigator/Researcher Christopher O’Brien describes an occasion in his book Secrets of the Mysterious Valley, that elaborate himself and a few of his amigos in Upstate New York back in 1979. They were skywatching (ah ha, looking for!) on an athletic field on their school grounds and Chris himself was quick to see the peculiar, orange sparkling bundles of light that appeared to associate with thought and solicitation by framing different shapes in the sky at their calling. Correspondence!


The most noted Hotspots of Psychoterrestrial Events appear to be places that have been held as consecrated by the spaces’ Indigenous/Aboriginal people groups for in some cases millennia. Spots like Sedona, Arizona, Hudson River Valley, New York, the yield fields of Southern England/Silbury Hill/Stone Henge, Mount Shasta, California, Hessdalen, Norway and Mexico City, Mexico all appear to be Hotspots of Paranormal/Psychoterrestrial Activity. Maybe every one of the one needs to do is nevertheless appear and maybe one will encounter something phenomenal. It certainly seems like your possibilities are expanded by going to these spots.


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