Great Toy Ideas for Boys for Christmas 2013

Great Toy Ideas for Boys for Christmas 2013


There are lots of great toys for boys this year. But it can still be difficult to find the perfect Christmas gifts for boys. You have to figure out what is age appropriate and  .38 special ammo what might be cool. You don’t want to buy something lame. Here are some great Christmas gift ideas for boys to help you buy gifts for those boys on your shopping list.

Skylanders Swap Force

Skylanders are a great gift for the gamer. Skylanders is an ever expanding video game series. There are dozens of characters you can buy. You then place these figures on portal and then play with your characters through your video game system. There is also multi player mode so they can play with their friends. Skylanders are highly collectible and have a reasonable price point even for such a great gift. Skylanders start at about $10 each. You do need to have a copy of the game to play with the figures.


The good old standby, LEGOs are a great gift for any boy at any age. There are hundreds of different sets. There is something for everyone. So if the boy in your life likes planes and cars, there is the LEGO City line. If they are into superheroes, LEGO even has something for them with their superhero line with both DC and Marvel characters. Also LEGOs has something no matter the age, from just starting to build to the master builder.

Nerf Blaster Guns

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