Hiking Holidays at Port Macquarie – Where to Stay, Where to Hike

 Hiking Holidays at Port Macquarie – Where to Stay, Where to Hike


To say that Port Macquarie gives access to some good hiking opportunities might be something of an understatement. Port Macquarie holidays make the most of a New Port Residences EC  splendid location. Check out all these great national parks and nature reserves.

Werrikimbe National Park

Endowed with plenty of varied plants and animal, this world heritage listed wilderness area is perfect for hardy hikers. Serious hikers may want to take on the Werrikimbe Trail, which leads through to gorges, waterfalls and the Hastings river. Resident fauna, including koalas, brush-turkeys and quolls might be able to be spotted, if one is lucky. Other lengthy hiking trails can also be explored. Shorter walks are also available, from the several picnic areas and camping grounds that dot the park. An old Aboriginal initiation site is also present in the park. Werrikimbe National Park can be found inland, situated in a west-north-westerly direction from Port Macquarie.

Willi Willi National Park

Close to Werrikimbe National Park is this rainforest mountain park. Water’s beauty can be appreciated here, with the park located on the attractive Wilson River. A gushing waterfall can also be found, after walking along one of three rainforest walking tracks available in the park. Contained within the park are the 1100 metre high Kemps Pinnacle and Mount Banda Banda.

Dooragan National Park

This park centres around North Brother Mountain, the resting place of




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