Laptop Batteries

Laptop Batteries



In a world that is constantly on the move, laptops have become as essential as the air we breathe. The tool with which we connect with the rest of the world, our workplace, our families, the tool thanks to which world information and technology is just a click away, the tool with which we can monitor our bank and business accounts, make or unmake important deals, give instructions and which is the gateway to a world of learning is none other than one’s constant companion, the laptop.

The lifeline of this tool is its battery. This tool works as long as it can come to life with a help of a battery. That is why one needs to choose  one’s laptop battery with care. One doesn’t want to be caught unawares on account of a faulty battery.

There is a host of battery manufacturers supplying batteries that are compatible to the best makes of laptops available in the market today. Be it an IBM, SONY, HP, COMPAQ, APPLE TOSHIBA or a Dell – there is no dearth of batteries to choose from.

The first batteries to be used for laptops were NiCad [Nickel -Cadmium] batteries followed by NiMH [Nickel Metal Hydride] batteries.

Currently, LiIon [Lithium-Ion] batteries are used for laptop computers given their light weight and long life span. LiIon batteries claim to have a five hour battery life but this may vary according to the usage. Some laptop models have power management software to extend battery life or to conserve power when the laptop is low on battery.

Ageing laptop batteries need to be replaced with new ones from time to time and one learns from one’s experience and is constantly on the look out for batteries from a manufacturer who gives better service and better value for money.

In a technology and gadget oriented world, our dependence on battery driven laptops increases by the day. So does the need to identify and buy the battery most suited to meet our needs.

Batteries are the best buys when manufactured with sound technology, contemporary innovations, industry standards, genuine feedback, fair pricing and customer satisfaction in mind.


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