Natural Mold Removers – No Need For Toxic Chemicals

 Natural Mold Removers – No Need For Toxic Chemicals


Looking for an effective mold remover can be a nightmare! Most of us are so stressed out having discovered a problem with disgusting mold or mildew growing in  mold inspection  our home that we purchase ANY mold remover which says it will kill and clean the mold quickly and effectively. However, it is worth taking a little time to think – mold can be toxic and cause you and your family health problems on its own so why would you want to use a mold remover which has strong and toxic chemicals in it and could possibly be even more hazardous particularly when used by individuals who have little or no experience in their use!

Commercially produced chemical mold removers can be very effective but should only be used with great care especially around children and pets. Strong, toxic chemicals should really only be handled by experienced professionals however, hiring such contractors can seriously damage your bank balance!

So what are the alternatives? Well, there are other options – natural mold removers which will kill mold just as effectively but without the health hazards associated with commercial mold removers.

Below is listed 4 such natural mold removers:

Tea Tree Oil – which you can purchase at health food stores does a fantastic job as a mold remover. It is expensive but you only have to use small amounts to get great results. It can be used on walls, ceilings, shower curtains etc. Be aware that it does have a very strong odour which will take a few days to calm down – at least it’s better than a musty moldy smell! Tea Tree Oil appears to remove and kill the vast majority of mold types.

First thing to do is mix 2 teaspoons of the tea tree oil with approximately 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Shake gently to mix the two then spray the areas of mold with the solution. There is no need to rinse the mixture off simply leave to dry. You can keep the mixture ready for next time!

Vinegar – something which every household will most definitely have in the kitchen cupboard and it costs very little to buy. White distilled vinegar poured into a spray bottle and sprayed directly onto the area of mold will kill around 82% of molds according to reports. Again, don’t rinse, allow to dry. This one is particularly smelly but a good, cheap mold remover!

Grapefruit Seed Extract – this one has a huge advantage over the others – it is completely odourless. T



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