New Nerf Guns for Christmas – The Vortex Blaster Series

New Nerf Guns for Christmas – The Vortex Blaster Series

All along, Nerf’s froth dart weapons were showcased for youngsters 8 years of age and up, yet the outcome of their new 2010 series of N-Strike blasters showed that their market included more seasoned kids as well. They saw the prominence and association of group Nerf weapon challenges and competitions as a sign that Nerf purchasers were prepared for something new, and their new Vortex Series Nerf firearms appear to be exactly what more seasoned, (and more youthful), Nerf kids were hanging tight for. In the event that you have a Nerf kid on your Christmas list – you need to look at these new blasters.


The most significant change was the ammunition. The Vortex series firearms utilize little froth and elastic plates, instead of the customary froth darts, and they likewise have XLR, (extra lengthy reach), an innovation that increment their reach to two times that of even the best N-Strike blaster of Christmas 2010.


Add mechanized full-auto fire ability, and you 45 long colt Amoo the Vortex Nitron – the Top Dog of the Vortex series. Nerf game play won’t ever go back, and the Nitron is the top pick of serious Nerf kids.


The Vortex Series Nerf Guns


Nerf has presented four models in the Vortex series for 2011. Two rifle-style blasters; the Nitron and the Praxis, and two guns; the Vigilon and the Proton. the new plate ammunition.


The Vortex Nitron


The Nitron is the Big Dog of the Vortex family. It has the a large portion of everything; longest reach, greatest magazine limit, mechanized full-auto capacity, and an electronic degree that even has beating light for focusing on. It additionally incorporates Nerf’s refreshed Tactical Rail System, which makes adding adornments and customizations more straightforward.


The Vortex Praxis


The Praxis doesn’t have full-auto terminating, yet it compensates for that amazingly with its own extraordinary elements. It is a siphon activity blaster that has a component Nerf calls Slam-Fire – that empowers it to shoot as quick as you can siphon it. Its power and reach are equivalent to the Nitron’s, and it additionally incorporates the refreshed Tactical rail framework, however it has more. The Praxis rifle stock can be taken out to change the blaster’s profile, and there are more customizations accessible to make this the new Nerf gunthat is generally versatile to a player’s inclinations.


The Vortex Vigilon


The Vigilon offers the most gun power accessible in any Nerf firearm. It has a 5-plate magazine that includes a drop down quick burden plan, and ultra simple and quick snap-in magazine changes to keep you in the main part of the activity, when others may be halting to reload their weapons.


The Vortex Proton


The Proton, another Nerf gun, is the littlest of the Vortex series, and it is likewise a solitary shooter – no quick discharge and no magazines. However, that doesn’t mean the child of this family doesn’t have its own benefits. The more modest profile implies it is more qualified to be a back-up or stow away weapon, something that can prove to be useful in group Nerf games, and it has the very XLR innovation that matches its reach to that of the other Vortex series blasters.


Client Reviews Say It All


The Vortex Nerf firearms were focused on for the Christmas 2011 shopping season, with an arranged September presentation, however a few stores revealed them in August – doubtlessly stirring up a lot of joy for restless Nerf kids, and the rave client surveys overwhelmed in.


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