Transformational Coaching: Pittsburgh’s Executive Coaches Set A New Standard

 Transformational Coaching: Pittsburgh’s Executive Coaches Set A New Standard


Some say Pittsburgh’s executive coaches are a dime a dozen, but not if they are among the group of trail-blazers setting a new standard in the growing field of transformational executive coaching  coaching. With this transformative approach, these executive coaches are dramatically altering the vision, the leadership and the success of their executives and the companies they manage, the very companies fueling the city’s economy.

Thirty years ago, Pittsburgh was a dirty, smoky steel town, known as the Steel City, because of its predominance as a mighty steel-making hub. When that industry collapsed and Pittsburgh lost its manufacturing base, the city faced its first economic crisis in more than a century. To its credit, though, the city transformed itself into what now is a thriving white-collar metropolis.

Pittsburgh is still a steel city. US Steel, the 10th largest steel company in the world, is headquartered there. Allegheny Technologies, a world-class steel maker, has eight manufacturing plants in the region. However, the city’s employment sector is now highly diversified. Cutting-edge companies in life sciences, robotics, information technology and research have joined ranks with eight Fortune 500 companies. Health care, education, research, financial services and entertainment/tourism are the newly emerging industries that are driving revenue and employment for the region.

The University of Pittsburgh, the city’s largest employer and retail giants like Dick’s Sporting Goods and General Nutrition Center (GNC) are growing. Google now operates a 40,000 square foot office in Pittsburgh and recently announced plans for expansion. The Pittsburgh Center For The Arts continues to blossom and dozens of new information techn




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