3 Features That Makes Bugaboo Strollers Unique

 3 Features That Makes Bugaboo Strollers Unique


Ever since Bugaboo stroller came unto the scene its been the envy of every young mom Bugaboo . Its stylish, fun and highly functional. While most beautiful designs fail in the practicality department, these nifty little strollers are different. Although its packed with features that makes it so unique, these are 3 in particular that I find very useful and handy.

The first and most practical feature is the ability for the handle bars to flip over. This allows your baby to face both ways and by simply swinging the handle bars over you can either give your baby a full view of the road ahead or have him or her face mommy – allowing you to keep a close eye on her at all times. This is especially handy when your baby gets older.

The second awesome feature is the ability to mix and match the colors of your stroller. Bugaboos come in a variety of colors and materials and because all the components of the stroller are standard you can mix and match any color to any other color. It’s a great way to personalize your stroller and make it unique and special. Cleaning these highly durable materials are also a real breeze.

The last great feature is the wheels. While most baby strollers have small little plastic wheels the Bugaboo 2 large inflatable wheels make it a breeze to move around with and provides a smooth and comfortable ride for your baby in even the most rugged urban environments. The entire suspension is ingenious and with the 2 different size wheels it makes hopping over curbs a real breeze. In many ways its been designed for the urban environment.



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