Get Virtual Credit Cards

Get Virtual Credit Cards

Humankind has been inventing and implementing new ways to trade and do business since the beginning of time. Credit cards are not new. American Airlines and the Air Transport Association introduced the first credit cards in order to encourage air travel. Later, banks and financial services providers offered this service to customers. Today’s internet connectivity and computing power have further revolutionized financial transactions. Virtual card paypal vcc allow you to shop online, transfer funds, book a vacation abroad, or purchase other services online. Are internet transactions safe enough? With the introduction of Virtual Credit cards, they are now secure!

Internet Marketplace and The Pirates

Customers can now make the right product selections with great ease and comfort thanks to the internet. All the options are available when you search the internet for the product you want and the price range you prefer. Select the one that suits you best, and then pay with your credit card using a few clicks. The internet marketplace was not without its flaws. The threat of cyberpirates posed a risk to otherwise secure online transactions. This problem has been solved by the introduction of virtual credit cards.

Security made possible

Modern encryption techniques, as well as online security protocols/parameters like SSL, SMPX, etc. are in place now to protect your financial transactions. The VCCs, virtual credit cards, have been around for a while as an additional security measure. VCCs are internet-only cards that can be used to make online payments and are considered secure. SET Protocol security and confidentiality are possible. Both the merchant-to-customer and customer-to bank information security protocols are followed. This allows access to only the information that is relevant to each party. These cards are linked to the user’s bank credit card or to a physical account that is used as an alias. Every VCC service provider has a payment authorization mechanism. This can be an IVR (Interactive Voice Response), a call to your cell phone asking you to confirm that you are the one performing the transaction, or it could be an SMS/email message sent to your validated number or email. Some banks offer VCC accounts that are temporary or time-bound. VCCs are great because you can set your credit limit, expiry date, and specific online shopping locations. There are no fraud chances or card misuse.

Virtual Credit Cards – A great service

Paypal is one such virtual credit card provider. Paypal is the first virtual credit card payment provider to offer services that rely solely on digital systems for transactions. It currently has more than 81 million accounts in operation across 190 countries. Customers can be charged for their e invoices via a bank account, or credit card using an innovative bill-me later service. They have partnered with major online retailers. Paypal is available to help you with everything, from accessories purchased from to advertising on the internet and domain names from registry like Entropay is another great VCC provider. After you verify your address and have loaded funds to your Entropay VCC account from a regular bank account, you can shop online. When the card is used, a small transaction fee will be charged. Netletter VCC is a good alternative to Paypal. It offers a prepaid Master Card and registration is free. Usage costs per transaction. Netspend, a US bank offering VCC services, offers high-quality VCC services in partnership to both Visa and Master cards. American Express, a major US bank industry player, offers VCC services.

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