Learn to Recognize the Useful & Avoid the Useless

Learn to Recognize the Useful & Avoid the Useless


There are reliable, practical merchant account sell credit card processingevaluations out there, but they aren’t always simple to find. Even while many reviews aren’t worth the time to read, there are those that are, and we’ll show you how to spot them.

This article highlights the problems with many merchant account reviews and demonstrates how to distinguish between relevant and worthless evaluations.

Rates and fees fluctuate frequently and for a variety of reasons.

A table that contrasts the rates and fees provided by different merchant service providers is frequently used to convey merchant account reviews. The only real appeal of these tables is their aesthetic beauty.

The rates and fees for credit card processing are not organized like the standard retail pricing that we are accustomed to. Sales representatives don’t work with predetermined prices; instead, they develop offers based on a variety of rates and fees that reflect what the market and the competitors will bear.

Theoretically, a single merchant might negotiate 50 separate rate and fee packages with each sales agent individually in a company with 50 sales representatives.

Affiliates publish deceptive reviews.

Affiliate marketers that want to generate sales for the business they are reviewing frequently write internet reviews. Affiliate marketers are predisposed toward their partner supplier for obvious reasons. We’ll explain how to recognize an affiliate review later on.

Various representatives from the same company provide varying levels of service.

The parent company’s name is used to sell merchant accounts sell credit card processingby tens or even hundreds of individual sales agents who work for merchant service businesses. Customer service standards, sales techniques, expertise, and other crucial components that go into making a competent representative differ from one agent to the next.

Reviews that purport to assess the performance of a complete organization frequently only look at one agent.

Merchant service providers each have a niche market.

The way that merchant service providers specialize is by narrowing the scope of the products they offer to a certain class of merchant accounts. Reviewers hardly ever distinguish between specialty, and typically group providers together for general comparisons without including crucial details.

A company that specialized on providing wireless merchant accounts, for instance, could not fare well in a review that focuses on Internet merchant accounts.

Some people are more amenable to individual agents than others.

It is simple to understand how a person’s personality may create or break a business connection, going back to the premise that an entire organization cannot be judged just on the performance of one agent.

While some people get along well with others, some don’t. It is very conceivable for the same merchant to give one agent at the same processor a positive review while giving a negative review to another. The agent should be the focus of the review rather than the business as a whole.

How to spot positive merchant account testimonials

The consistent qualities & elements are the main focus.

It is practically impossible to write a helpful review on merchant account rates and fees, as was stated above. Reviews that concentrate on more reliable subjects will always be more beneficial. Look for reviews that highlight factors like the breadth of the product offering, industry experience, and customer service excellence. To achieve these goals, quality work and patience are required. Rates, fees, and other items that can be quickly modified are poor benchmarks by which to judge the quality of different suppliers.

There is a distinct focus

Search for reviews that contrast and compare particular agents or particular categories of merchant accounts. Services like CardFellow, which evaluate each provider separately, are excellent instances of this. Reviewers should avoid trying to generalize processing firms as a whole.

Reviews are based on several personal accounts.

Reviews that are based on first-hand experiences are more likely to be fair and impartial than those that are written by a single researcher.


No signs of an affiliate marketer are present.

Information from affiliate marketers is frequently slanted. Links containing affiliate ID numbers, calls to action like “Buy Now” buttons, and excessively enthusiastic reviews of one business are all clear signs of an affiliate marketer. In exchange for the services they offer, banks will be paid. Many businesses consider this to be worthwhile due to the services they get in exchange for the payment. The services offered ensure quick and safe payment processing. When a bank joins as a processing partner, the processing business may take care of customer service and provide live customer service every day, all day.

The bank’s merchant account is serviced by a payment processing business, which makes sure that lines of communication are open between the bank and the customer. Marketing materials will be sent to the bank, and any program changes will be promptly updated.

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