What Makes A Good DUI Lawyer?

 What Makes A Good DUI Lawyer?


There are thousands of DUI lawyers out there. The question is this–how do you know if you have a good attorney who can give you a fighting chance of winning your DUI lawyer near me  case. A good lawyer minimizes on his or her mistakes while capitalizing on the mistakes of others. Let’s look at the mistakes your lawyer must avoid and the mistakes they can benefit from.

Mistakes Your Attorney Should Avoid

You may think that all lawyers are pretty much the same. Think again. The same case tried by two different attorneys may have very different outcomes. An experienced attorney will find holes in the prosecution’s case that an inexperienced attorney may completely overlook. The best advice is to get a lawyer who specializes in drunk driving cases instead of one who is simply capable of handling them. If you do get someone who isn’t an expert, be sure they are getting the assistance of experts who understand the nuances of drunk driving laws.

That being said, here are some sure signs you need a new lawyer:

If your lawyer immediately looks at your case and recommends you plead guilty, this may be the sign of a poor lawyer. An experienced lawyer will go to the scene and make sure the conditions were appropriate for a sobriety test. The test must be performed in a specific fashion and many police officers perform the test incorrectly. Also, the machine could be improperly calibrated or simply out of date (in terms of certification). Your lawyer should be willing to dig deeper than surface evidence.



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